General Director

Vahram Beglaryan

Born in 1976 in NKR.
Graduated from Artsakh State University with a degree in finance and credit in 1998.
1993-1994: served in the NKR Defense Army.
From 1996 was admitted to the NKR Military Prosecutor’s office.
1997-2004: economist, Agrobank, the NKR branch. In 1997 was appointed to the position of chief economist.
In 1999 appointed to the position of Deputy Manager.
2004-2005: working position in ”Karabakh Gold” CJSC.
2008: director, ”Tekhnoshin” LTD.

2009-current: General Director, ”ARTSAKH HEK” OJSC

Artsakh HEK OJSC Installed Capacity 71.7 MW
Sarsang HPP50 MWTrghi-1 HPP3 MWTrghi-2 HPP5.9 MWTrghi-3 HPP5 MWTrghi-3 HPP0.8 MW
Production of Artsakh HEK OJSC
2011104.2 million kW-h2012133.2 million kW-h2013142.6 million kW-h2014166.4 million kW-h2015140.3 million kW-h2016191.8 million kW-h2017181.4 million kW-h2018190.8 million kW-h2019184.9 million kW-h