“Artsakh HEK” OJSC Board of Directors at the regular meeting held on March 24, 2012 has decided to convene General Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company. The meeting will take place on April 30, 2012, at 11:00, 63, Tumanyan Str., Stepanakert.

The Board has approved the following agenda for the meeting:

  1. Presentation of annual reports (speakers: Armen Gasparyan, Technical Director, Zhan Hovhanissyan, Finance Director)
  2. Presentation of the Company Strategy
  3. Approval of annual financial reports
  4. Presentation of Auditor’s report on Company’s financial activity for 2011
  5. The selection of Auditing company for 2012
  6. The opinion of Revision Committee on the veracity of data in the annual financial reports
  7. Decision on paying annual dividends in the course of the activities of “Artsakh Hek” OJSC for the year of 2011 and approval of the annual size of the dividends
  8. The change in the company charter (change of the quantitative composition of the Board)
  9. The selection of the Board of Directors of “Artsakh HEK” OJSC Attention:

The shareholders of the company may familiarize themselves with more information (materials) of the Meeting’s agenda. The copies of the materials will be provided upon the request within 5 days via mail (including e-mails) or may be received in the Company. The shareholders may familiarize with the «Artsakh HEK» OJSC Board of Directors members candidates biographies here: