The general annual meeting of the shareholders held on 30.05.2011

The second annual meeting of the “Artsakh HEK” OJSC shareholders was held on May 30, 2011 in Stepanakert, NKR.

The meeting agenda held 8 questions, such as: the annual financial – technical and production-technical reports presentation, the approval of the annual financial statements, the presentation of Auditor’s report on Company’s financial activity for 2010, The selection of Auditing company for 2011, the opinion of Revision Committee on the veracity of data in the annual financial reports, the decision on paying the annual dividends in the course of the activities of “Artsakh HEK” OJSC for the year of 2010 and approval of the annual size of the dividends, the amendment in the company’s charter (change of legal address), the election of the members of Board of Directors of “Artsakh HEK” OJSC.

The Board of Directors discussed with particular interest the issue of income distribution offered to the Annual meeting of shareholders, its proportion to the nominal value of one share with the annual profitability of 10 % or the volume of 736,207,400 (seven hundred thirty-six million two hundred and seven thousand four hundred AMD).

Minutes of the general meeting

Artsakh HEK OJSC Installed Capacity 71.7 MW
Sarsang HPP50 MWTrghi-1 HPP3 MWTrghi-2 HPP5.9 MWTrghi-3 HPP5 MWTrghi-3 HPP0.8 MW
Production of Artsakh HEK OJSC
2011104.2 million kW-h2012133.2 million kW-h2013142.6 million kW-h2014166.4 million kW-h2015140.3 million kW-h2016191.8 million kW-h2017181.4 million kW-h2018190.8 million kW-h2019184.9 million kW-h